Silver Bullet is advertised as a male enhancement formula that can help maximize erection potential



Claiming to contain an all-natural breakthrough proprietary blend of ingredients specially formulated to deliver enhanced performance and pleasure, the advertisement promises to help users achieve stronger, firmer and fuller erections.

The product is marketed as being “unique” because it claims to contain ingredients that have been proven to “work.” However, many of the ingredients used in the formula are found in other similar herbal supplements on the market.

Ingredients At A Glance
Silver Bullet contains Epimedium to increase sex drive, Avena Sativa to increase energy and Tribulus Terrestris to increase testosterone levels. Maca is thought to have aphrodisiac properties, Bioperine is included for increased nutrient absorption, Ginkgo Biloba may increase circulation, Eurycoma Longifolia is thought to help increase sexual function, Mucuna Pruriens may support testosterone productions and Butea Superba may enhance libido.

The amino acid L-Arginine is often included in male enhancement formulas for increasing nitric oxide levels. Cnidium Monnier is most commonly used to treat skin conditions and is thought to work with Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa for increasing the release of nitric oxide.

Ingredients In Focus
Epimedium, also called Horny Goat Weed, it is extracted from a plant native to China. The herb has been used traditionally to increase sex drive and is contained in many dietary supplements for its effectiveness in improving sexual function.

Tribulus Terrestris has been clinically shown to increase testosterone levels; testosterone begins to deplete as men age, which could lead to symptoms of impotency, loss of libido, and lack of energy. By restoring production to healthy levels, sexual function can begin to improve.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa is sometimes included in male enhancement formulas for the belief that it can help increase libido, and as mentioned above, help increase nitric oxide release for an enhanced erection. However, research on the subject is scarce, and most research suggests that the lichen, grown in China, Australia, and South America contains toxins and should be avoided.

Eurycoma Longifolia, also called Tongkat Ali, has been used in its native country Malaysia to relieve fatigue, increase vitality and enhance sexual performance. A study has been performed on middle-aged rats to determine what effects it may have on sexual function. The study did show that sexual desire was increased, but no human subjects have been studied. Use of Eurycoma could cause insomnia for some.

Lifestyle Benefits
Millions of men worldwide experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction at some point in time. These symptoms include premature ejaculation, loss of sex drive, and an inability to get or maintain an erection. While there are hundreds of products available for treating the symptoms, herbal extracts are thought to be a more effective option and are generally less harmful than prescription drugs.

When choosing a product, it is important to seek the most effective herbal blend containing the highest quality herbs. Silver Bullet claims to be unique but actually includes many herbs commonly found in other products. And some of those herbs have not been shown to be clinically effective, as the advertising suggests, and several even have potentially harmful side effects. As mentioned, Xanthoparmelia contains toxins, and Eurycoma may cause insomnia. A lack of sleep can impact all aspects of life and health, plus lead to sexual inadequacies.

For men experiencing symptoms of impotency, Silver Bullet may not be the most beneficial supplement for treatment. Many products include the popular herb Yohimbe, extracted from the bark of an African tree that can enhance erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. Yohimbe has been recognized by the FDA and has been used in this country for decades to treat impotency, and has been used by athletes to increase stamina.

• Ingredients are listed
• Contains herbal extracts

• Does not contain Yohimbe
• No testimonials posted
• Their customers do not like them at all and have negative things to say about their experiences. Click here to read a popular Silver Bullet Blog.
• Xanthoparmelia may be toxic
• A side effect of Eurycoma is insomnia

Final Thoughts
The name Silver Bullet may suggest that it is the most potent product for male sexual enhancement, and the advertising even calls the formula “unique”. As we have seen from the assessment of ingredients, the formula contains a variety of herbs used in many other products, but does not actually include the most effective herbs available.

Products however, are available that include all natural herbal extracts minus any potential toxic effects. The negatives of Xanthoparmelia seem to outweigh the positives, and it is unclear why manufacturers include it in their formulas. For men seeking a supplement to improve sexual health, products containing this ingredient should be avoided as it could do more harm than good.

As discussed, products containing Yohimbe have been shown to effectively enhance erection quality, and for men concerned with sexual performance, these products should be sought. Yohimbe will have an impact on sexual stamina and ability and help achieve fuller, firmer erections, and may be considered the silver bullet addition to a product’s formula.

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In addition to great all in one supplements that package several potent herbs into them all together, like these products there are a lot of herbs, vitamins and other nutrients that you can buy in supplement form that can make a definite, noticeable difference in your sexual endurance. While the actual medical condition of premature ejaculation may not be a problem for a lot of men, they certainly many times still would like to increase the amount of time they can maintain a hard on to please their partners more, and to ultimately feel better about themselves and enhance the overall experience.

You know men, that sex always feels better at the end when you have an orgasm from having sex for a long time, rather than a quickie orgasm, so there is really a partially selfish motivation here, I must admit.

You can take some of them together, but the one thing you always have to be aware of is any drug interactions that might take place if you are on any prescription medications, and with any herbs, you want to make sure you’re not popping a ton of different pills all day, since the individual supplements can be a high potency and may actually be overload.

That’s exactly why I like to take the all in one products, you know you’re not having to pop several different pills to get the same effect, and you also know that you are not “overdosing” on several different kinds that are in larger doses individually. Some of the herbs and vitamins I like to take on a daily basis that I believe help with your overall energy levels to begin with are ginseng, a potent vitamin C esther, and a multivitamin.

There is a great all around supplement for men called Silver bullet that combines several vitamins and mineral vital to a man’s energy levels and overall performance as well called Provacyl that does the trick.

Ginseng is one of my favorites for endurance because it imparts energy without making you feel shaky or giving you heart palpitations. Other energy giving supplements do tend to do that to me though, like the ones that are straight up stimulants. There is probably a time and place for those, but they are definitely not for a daily basis.

B vitamins are crucial to sustained energy. B6 and B12 especially. These are known to boost energy levels, and may also have a similar effect on the mood. They are a good staple not only for endurance but also for overall mental performance and physical fitness.Marathon sex. Do you ever have it? I know, most people have a hard time fitting in ten minute quickies these days, who the hell has time for an hours long love making session? I know I’m usually pressed for time, so they don’t happen very often for me, but when they do, there are definitely some supplements that you can break out that can not only help you maintain your erection for a longer time, but they can also add a great boost to your sexual pleasure so that you have amazing orgasms at the end of the marathon.


The first thing to remember is that you want to choose something that contains a little bit of a stimulant in it, this ensures that you’ll have the energy and enthusiasm to last longer. Some of the supplements that are good for this are silver bullet.This one actually fits in both of the categories I’m going to speak of today which is stimulation of energy, or energy enhancement, and the second is something that gets the blood pumping so that the penis can fill with blood (which gives you an erection) and can also stay hard for a longer time, which is vital if you’re going to be having long sex.

Another one is called Silver Bullet.Silver Bullet help to get the blood flow directly to the penis, and to keep it there with a special formula that localizes the effect to the penile area and helps to also create a fuller erection, which your partner will most definitely appreciate. These contain two special ingredients that men report helps them not only maintain their erections longer, but that their partners have mentioned they also feel bigger.

You and I both know that the length and girth of your erection can be dramatically different depending on how turned on your are, and with this pill you can help things along to make every time a “wow look how big your penis is” time. We all love to hear that one, don’t we?!You’ve probably heard that something called horny goat weed, a natural herb that is commonly used in Chinese herbal remedy medicine, with it’s ironic name, has been used as a natural aphrodisiac and sexual performance enhancer for years. The only reason I remember hearing about this particular herb over and over is that it has a name that matches what it’s supposed to do to the male libido – make him horny, which I thought was kind of funny, and which I’m sure is part of the reason it is often recognized by people as a natural sexual enhancement herb.

However, the study that shows horny goat weed may hold promise as the next natural viagra alternative did not really specifically say whether the herb increases actual libido, but it is showing that there is a particular natural compound that has been found in the plant that can be used to help inhibit the actions of an enzyme. This compound is called icariin, and it helps to block the actions of an enzyme produced in men’s bodies that actually an prohibit the whole erectile process.

Scientists found that this natural compound called icariin helped to block the enzymes that prohibit erectile function effectively, and that it also did so without the number of side effects that other erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis have on the men who take them, such as high blood pressure and possible heart issues associated with it’s ability to increase the blood pressure fairly quickly.

It supposedly can do this because it targets the erection inhibiting enzyme more specifically, and doesn’t work on the body’s other mechanisms as well much like the popular erectile dysfunction products on the market currently do. This may mean we are one step closer to a more effective, safer version of our current erectile dysfunction drugs that are available to men today, such as the silver bullet or silver bullet plus which have given men significant boosts in their sex lives for years, in a natural formula.

This could mean more men who don’t have to experience the sexual frustration and embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy that often go along with erectile problems if they can effectively utilize this new compound into new medications or even naturally based medications. This is of the utmost importance to us here at MEM of course, because we deal primarily with talking about male herbal remedies for everything from impotence to natural male enhancement, as well as ejaculation enhancement and overal sexual pleasure enhancement, and even herbal remedies that help a man to achieve multipled orgasms, such as the popular deer antler plus product made with the treasured velvet from deer’s antlers, long believed to be a boon for men with when it comes to sexual enhancement. Then there’s the favorite silver bullet which is also a natural supplement. But relax, because apparently some of the worst offenders are herbal remedies and supplements which are made over in India, and many of which are based in Ayurvedic medicine, which is a natural medicine field conceived of in India. However, what I read did make it clear that there were also toxic metals and other toxic substances such as arsenic and lead found in supplements that were made in the US, so apparently this contamination is a problem.

Best Penis Enlargement Pills

We also know that some supplements also do not contain what they say they do, or some of them also sneak in prescription drugs or other additives that are not advertised as being contained in the product on the label.

The story where a natural male enhancement supplement that had a prescsription erectile drug in it comes to mind, where the FDA had to step in and force it’s removal from market since we all know that prescription drugs for male enhancement can elevate blood pressure and make it dangerous for those with heart problems who are on medications that the drug could interact with. This was the FDA’s primary concern with that occurrence since men were unknowingly taking a prescription drug and it could potentially be very dangerous to them.

However, the fact that there are metals in about 20% of the ayurvedic and indian herbal supplements that were sampled is definitely cause for concern as well. While the amount in a few tablets may not be toxic and pass through a man’s body without doing harm, the buildup effect could definitely do harm and may even lead to serious disease if it’s taken over long periods of time.

We know we need to avoid foods and drinks and supplements with these substances for a reason, and the fact that some manufacturers are allowing this stuff to be in the supplements unchecked is indeed very disappointing. This may lead to the FDA stepping in and testing ingredients in herbal remedies at some point which is a shame because the alternative medicine industry could be damaged as a result of a few bad apples. We have talked about a supplement with deer antler velvet extract in it called Deer Antler Plus before, but I thought it was a good time to bring up this popular herbal product to help boost a man’s ability to have multiple orgasms again after all this talk about loss of libido! First of all, I renewed my knowledge of the deer antler velvet extract’s legendary abilities when it comes to the male sex drive and ability to have great sex, since it has been used in traditional and Chinese herbal medicines for years and years for that reason.

Sometimes we don’t really know if something got it’s reputation for doing a certain thing through a sort of mythology or if there is actually any credence lended to it through at least anecdotal data, since herbal products are not subject to FDA approval, and many times there are not clinical tests performed on them. That’s not saying much though, because in my honest opinion, the FDA lets a lot of pharmaceutical drugs go through their gates and be approved that many times were not thoroughly tested for long term effects, nor were they adequately confirmed safe for human consumption.

That’s just me going on my anti pharmaceutical rant though, and trust me, I do believe that there have been some herbal and natural supplement offenders as well that are not good for long term use, but we do try to report those as we hear negative stories in the news as well.

Deer antler velvet got it’s reputation for being a great male libido enhancement tool, and was hence used in the popular multi orgasm supplement called Deer Antler Plus (see review) because of it’s rejuvenating and energizing properties. It also contains (naturally) trace minerals like zinc, which have been shown to help men sexually in more ways than one.

It’s been used as an anti aging tool, to preserve the energy as well as to enhance mental sharpness and help with a man’s stregth and endurance. Strength and endurance are directly linked to orgasmic abilities in men, because the longer a man can sexually perform, and the quicker he can recover, the more likely he is to have stronger and more powerful, mind bending orgasms.

This is why deer antler supplements that are enhanced not only with the deer antler velvet, but also other natural energy enhancers and herbs that help with heightened sensitivity are very popular in this sexually driven world. Because deer antler velvet has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years for multiple purposes, it can be safe to say that it has many medicinal qualities about it that have made it become a high demand additive and primary ingredient in many supplements today, even supplements for women as well.

The deer antler is extracted from male deer in labs, and the deer are not supposed to be harmed in the process, and are let go once the velvety part of their antlers is removed as I understand it. The velvet that comes once a year and then sheds again the next, is then usually ground into a fine powder where it can be made in capsulated supplements, tinctures, gels or what have you, for therapeutic purposes that are fairly wide ranging.

In recent news and the latest company that has been found to be sneaking in impotence medications of the pharmaceutical variety, another company who sells several allegedly “natural” or herbal products has been found to be adding the active ingredient that is in the popular impotencce and male sexual enhancement drug Viagra. Why does this matter so much?

Well first of all, men taking these types of products do not know that it contains a pharmaceutical drug, and are taking it under false pretenses that it is all natural. Harmful drug interactions may take place if the people taking the herbal supplement for male enhancement are on other drugs, and this can result in serious medical injury and in some cases even death if the interaction is extremely volatile.

Not only that, but some men choose not to go on impotence drugs like Viagra and Cialis because they have medical conditions that the drugs have been known to exacerbate of worsen. This latest company to breach consumer faith is a company called Shangai Distributor Inc.

The company which distrtibutes male and female sexual enhancement products sold under several names, mostly with the Shangai name in them, is based out of Puerto Rico, and health officials are warning men and women who are taking the supplements to back off if they feel they may have conditions that interact negatively with the drug Viagra.

Hopefully this type of news doesn’t damage the herbal male enhancement industry, because there really are a lot of good players in it as well. I’m hoping it’s not a case of one bad apple spoiling it for the good apples who truly offer superior natural alternatives for men who suffer from impotence, premature ejaculation and other sexual health issues.

In yet another hit to the herbal male enhancement industry, and many times the reason the industry gets an unfair rap for a few bad eggs, another story about a supplement for herbal male enhancement that claims to be all natural and herbal in nature is actually self-outed as containing traces of an ingredient used in prescription-only Cialis, an erectile dysfunction drug that is sold only to those holding a prescription.

As we all know, it is illegal for herbal male enhancement products to contain anything that normally is prescription grade strength, because serious health consequences can occur if the person is not under doctor supervision while taking the supplement, which they think is non prescription and natural in nature.

This time, the culprit is an over the counter herbal male enhancement pill that I had actually never heard of called Top Gun for Men Herbal Extracts, but apparently the company is recalling the product of its own accord, and it looks like they are saying they found this out, but had no intentional knowledge that the herbal supplement contained traces of tadalafil, which is the main active ingredient in Cialis, which is one of the top selling erectile dysfunction drugs here in the US and abroad right now.

All of the products that have been voluntarily recalled by the company will have an expiration date of December of 2008.A new “study” or evidence has been circulating that herbal supplement users, which includes men who use herbal male enhancement supplements that are so often discussed in this blog on natural alternatives to drugs like Cialis and Viagra, do not often heed the indications that are cited on the back label as a guide of how much to take, and how often per day. I must say, I’ve been guilty of this myself, especially when taking vitamins.

Often I will only take half of a dose that is recommended to save money, or I simply forget to take half of it. Or, maybe, but not nearly as often, I will inadvertently take more than the recommended dosage, or evidence-based amount that is most effective in most people, but that rarely happens because I’m more toward the forgetful side than anything else!

Apparently I’m not the only one either, who doesn’t follow the manufacturer or individual herbalist indications on the label of an herbal supplement, because reportedly nearly half of all supplement takers do not adhere to the recommended dosage. And, get this (what a shock), women were more likely than men to follow the usage instructions on these supplements.

But everyone does say that women are more attuned to detail and more likely to follow instructions, right? It’s like the old adage goes, men will never stop and ask for directions, but women will, because they’re both indisposed to wasting time, and not afraid to be proven wrong.

But, I guess that really doesn’t apply here, because men just don’t like to follow directions, or they lack the capacity to pay attention to directions such as these. It really is just another one of the differences between the sexes. It’s like agent Dale Cooper said in Twin Peaks, ”in the grand design, men and women were drawn from a different set of blueprints.” One of my favorite sayings of all times! Sexual dysfunction affects a staggering amount of men, and an even more depressing amount of women, to the tune of high percentages you wouldn’t probably venture to guess. Let’s put it this way, at least a few of your female friends suffer lack of libido or inability to achieve orgasm, and at least two of your male friends have some form of erectile dysfunction of low libido.

This is precisely why the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the herbal male enhancement industry has made a bundle. People are sexually frustrated, and they are looking for ways to put the fire back in their loins, darnit! Of course, there are several lifestyle changes that need to be made, but many working men and women nowadays simply don’t feel they have the time and energy to devote to eating right, managing their stress effectively, and getting adequate exercise, so they would simply rather buy their sexual function back in a bottle so to speak if they can.

And who can blame them? There are some excellent remedies for sexual dysfunction, both in the natural male enhancement and female sexual enhancement market, and in the pharmaceutical market. The problem is, for women, there are not any real answers to their lack of libido and occasional lack of ability to orgasm. Viagra apparently was a promising possibility in tests, but failed to be a real answer to women’s sexual woes, at least not nearly as effective as it could be on men.

The race is on between pharmaceutical companies to see who can make the next big thing in sexual enhancement, especially for women, who most feel could handsomely be profited from if an effective solution were thought of for a woman’s more complex sexual needs. It should be interesting to see what they come up with. Hopefully it will be extensively researched, as pharmaceutical sexual enhancement as opposed to natural male sexual enhancement can be a lot more potent, and along with that can also come health concerns, but we shall see!